Meet Kris: the Alchemist of Alk&Me!

Kris of Alk&Me will be dyeing the yarn for A Very Winey Yarntide Holiday Mystery Box! (Don’t worry. She loves wine. I checked!) I can’t wait to see the beautiful colors she will create in the dye pot just for us. Let’s learn a little about the alchemist — that is both scientist and artist — behind the stunning colorways!

Well, for starters, I’m kinda from Oklahoma and New York. I grew up living a little with my mom and a bit with my dad… a lot of back and forth to two totally different worlds and cultures, but I loved it! There’s a little country farm girl in my blood from Oklahoma (and college football!) and a lot of artsy bohemian from living in upstate New York. Now I’m a salon owner and stylist of 30 plus years, and own an indie dye company, both in Ohio.

I’m pretty Irish so anything that leans toward Celtic I love and when I spin I crank Loreena McKennitt. It just feels right and I lose myself completely.

I grew up crocheting. My Gram taught me, and until six-ish years ago that’s all I really knew about the fiber world. Then, one day I walked into my local yarn store, Longtail Knits and there was a lady spinning there and I was mesmerized. I was like, “Ooooh!! Like Rumpelstiltskin!!! Yesssss! How do I do this?”

And down the rabbit hole I went! Over the course of the next year I learned to spin, weave, knit, inkle loom… anything I could get my hands on. I did a little dyeing during that first year and a little more over the next few. I feel like I fell head over heels in love when I took a two-day workshop with Natalie Redding right before Covid hit. That was the turning point for me. I didn’t want just a hobby any longer. I wanted to dye all day, all the time. And it fit so well with having done color for so many years in the salon.

I started Alk&Me on July 1, 2021 just as an online store with the intentions of only selling online and maybe doing a few shows a year. Now, a year later, I still have my online presence with my website, but I also sell my yarns in a local yarn shop, teach macrame at the same store, teach dye classes and some weaving at my studio, and also do commissions. I do go to a few shows a year, but what strikes me deeply is I’ve found I have a passion for teaching fiber arts! I love watching the look on someone’s face when understanding hits. It’s glorious!!

So really my goal is to get as much going in my fiber life as I can handle so I can hang up my shears for good and be all fiber, all the time!

Kris also co-hosts the podcast Blue Tree Fiber Arts with Longtail Knits yarn store owner Jeannine. Join them bi-monthly on YouTube for discussions about all things fiber!

A Very Winey Yarntide celebrates the holiday season with beautifully dyed yarn in colorways that reflect your favorite wine varietals sipped by cozy firelight! Choose six 50 g skeins in rich tonal shades of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chenin Blanc, one 100g variegated skein of “Ipocras,” a traditional mulled wine, or choose both for a total of 400 grams of winey yarn deliciousness that work together.

Skeins will be wrapped individually, and can be opened over a period of days, or all at once! Also included is a wine glass, plus wine charm stitch markers and handcrafted lip balm made here at Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber.

Take me to the Very Winey Yarntide Mystery Box Preorder!

Published by Alissa Head

Neurodivergent Creative living on a few acres of mostly woodland in rural Ohio. Owner of Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber. I blog about knitting, sewing, spinning, dyeing, gardening, and the occasional gluten free recipe. Also: Horror fan. Paranormal enthusiast. Tudor nerd.

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